Ride Safe Be Safe

Ride Safe Be Safe

I have been with Devon Wheels 2 Work for about a year now and I have had a great time with them. Annie has always called me to see how I am doing and kept me informed of any situation that may affect me or themselves while I have been renting the bike and always have a good nadda with each other. Max has been a great help too with giving technical information that you may not know i.e. When I didn’t know what bulbs to get and how to fit them, he took the time to explain how to do it over the phone they have a great team and have also offered me to ride out to there base to learn more about general maintenance of the bikes.

I hope that they will continue to grow and become more popular with individuals who need a scheme like this to help them for general travel to work.

Ride Safe Be Safe.

P.W, aged 32


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