Wheels 2 Work is a charitable incorporated organisation based near Holsworthy. Wheels 2 Work offers two-wheeled transport on a mobile basis to people in communities throughout the South West.

We receive funding from various organisations, with a key partner being Devon County Council. This helps us to keep our prices to a minimum and hiring one of our scooters starts from just £42 per week which is paid monthly in advance, by direct debit straight from your bank.

We also receive funding from Cornwall Council to run our Wheels 2 Work Electric project in the county. This allows us to hire out top of the range electric bicycles at the heavily subsidised rate of £15 per week to allow residents of Cornwall the opportunity to try out an eBike for three months.

The Wheels 2 Work programme was originally established as an amalgamation of three existing programmes which was renamed to Devon Wheels 2 Work in 2006. Since its inception, W2W has supported in excess of 12,000 people into work and education. In summary, W2W offers beneficiaries freedom, independence and choice. In 2021, Wheels 2 Work became a Charitable Incorporated Organisation and received charity registration in April.

For more information on our funding partners, please visit this link.