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Why choose an eBike?

eBikes carry a wide range of mobility benefits. These include zero emissions, cost effective transport for both work and leisure. eBikes have all the flexibility of cycling, but with the added benefit of ease of use and greater accessibility for a wider range of people.

Wheels 2 Work South West and Wheels 2 Work Cornwall are pleased to announce that we are able to continue delivering our eBike programme across Cornwall, funded by Cornwall Council.

This programme is split into two elements: Wheels 2 Work Electric and Opportunity to Try.

The initiative started in early 2022 funded by the Department for Transport and ran through the summer. At the end of this project Cornwall Council generously offered to fund us to extend this project further. It is a great opportunity for people across Cornwall to discover the joys and benefits of cycling with the added bonus of electric power.

Wheels 2 Work Electric (Personal Hire)

Struggle with getting to work? Want to reduce your carbon footprint, or maybe you want to find a way to be more active? Wheels 2 Work Electric is providing 3 month hire available to people aged 18+ living in Cornwall at a cost of just £15 per week.

All Wheels 2 Work Electric contracts come with FREE home delivery, eBike insurance, and the loan of:

– A Wheels 2 Work Electric branded high visibility vest

– A bicycle helmet

– A Gold Sold Secure lock

Click the Apply Here button at the bottom of the page to apply today.

Opportunity to Try

This part of the programme allows small, medium and large employers to hire a number of eBikes for up to 3 months to trial suitability for their business at a cost from £15 per week.

All contracts come with FREE delivery to the business address and the loan of:

– A Wheels 2 Work Electric branded high visibility vest for each rider

– A bicycle helmet for each rider

– A Gold Sold Secure lock for each eBike hired

To find out more and apply to Opportunity to Try, click the Apply Here button below and fill out our application form.